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Hello, my name is Remco Stoffer (47), I am Dutch but have been living in Spain for many years now. Currently I live in Catalonia, in the province of Tarragona in the seaside resort Cambrils which is only 100 km away from Barcelona.

During the summer period, for 7 months, I work in the tourism industry which is big at the Costa Dorada. In my spare time and during the winter months I dedicate almost all my time to my online activities and Website Design, Mobile Website Design and the Social Media Marketing or Community Manager activities for several small businesses.

The beginning

I started to get interested in the internet somewhere around the year 2002 when the internet was not as popular as it is nowadays. When I decided to develop a printed magazine for the tourists at the Costa Dorada, called Costa Dorada Infomagazine, I started to get interested in programs like Photoshop, InDesign and design in general. The printed magazine proved to be a hit and soon I decided there must be an online version or website for this concept too.

I started with a self-study of Adobe Golive and later Dreamweaver for web design, two excellent programs. Later on I got more involved with WordPress and nowadays I try to only design for this Content Management System (CMS), the most used in the world. WordPress gives the designer AND the user/client a lot of flexibility due to the variety of themes/templates (free and/or paid), loads of plugins (free and/or paid) and an active community of WordPress developers and users.


At this moment I have designed over 45 websites for small businesses in the area including bars, restaurants, travel agencies and online newspapers. The majority of these websites are maintained by me as a web developer and on regularly bases checked for faults, errors, updates and so on.  I am constantly working on other websites, including nowadays ever more important mobile websites or web apps.

Community Manager

Ever since the social networks got more popular, my clients also asked me to maintain their profiles and pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other networks, mainly because of lack of time or experience. Since the social networks are getting more popular and more important for the online presence and more importantly, the online image or reputation, my activities as a Community Manager are getting more popular.

More information

If you like to have more information about my services, don’t hesitate to contact me by using the contact form.

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